Motion Graphics, And Visual Effects
Scene created in Blender 3d with volume elements created in  EmberGen.  Building Models are from Peter France of Corridor Digital but modified in Blender to fit better in this scene. 
Materials with all supporting maps (Normal, displacement, specular, AO, etc.) manipulated using Adobe CC, materialize and substance.
This scene is part of a composite that is in the works, incorporating live action video.
Unfortunately, the hardware I am currently working with went on strike when certain large combinations of elements asked to be rendered at the same time, so I am in the process of breaking them into logical layers to render and composite in the near future.​​​​​​​

Photogrammetry Project of air conditioners and grease trap photographed at an Albuquerque downtown alley way.  Meshroom software was used to take photo data and convert to 3d meshes.

Visual Effect created for Albuquerque Indie short film
"Get Toni Scarboni"
 written and directed by Spike Michaels.  

Created in After Effects, using and explosion effects package from Video Copilot
Miscellaneous Motion Graphics some created for clients.  Some created for fun
Primary tool is Adobe After Effects

Dear Business Owners,

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?
Well, a video is worth 1000² words.    Which is a billion words!
A billion words is quite a bit more than one word!  or even 1000 words for that matter!

Adding animation to your message is essential to getting your message across to your audience and maximizing it's effectiveness.  
Whether you are trying to inform the public about your business,  attract new clients,  offer new promotions,  or update your loyal clientele about business changes, 

So give me a call at 505 304-1671 so we can talk about your business.
It's a FREE conversation and hopefully I can show you that a billion is better than only one, and we can get your *one billion* words out to your audience!

*one billion words is a helpful analogy to communicate value of words vs video and not meant to represent an actual number of words.  If you placed an add that actually had one billion words on it,  GEEZ!  That would be a LARGE LARGE ad.  Like HUGE!  
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