Welcome EmberGen
to the left is a composite image of what the lamp will look like (Roughly & Hopefully)
It might come out a little smaller than that.
But if you can give me frames 60-120 from this file in VDB format I can print this out and make a mold and then pour it and paint it and send 2 of them to you for free.
I am going to buy your software because my goal it to make realistic explosions as a legit product.
I did this before with a far less than professional process and sold too many.  I had to stop selling them because I couldn't fulfill them at that rate. Plus they they were to the realism I wanted.
If its easier to grant permissions for me to export the VDB for like 24 hours, that's cool too.  Whatever you decide.
To the right is a screen shot of EmberGen VDB.  It will be an awesome lamp. 
Just email desktopnukes@gmail.com and I can send you the .ember file
Anyway, thanks for considering this as an option,

Feel free to check out the rest of my portfolio site, if you want.
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