About two years ago I discovered Generative Argumentative Networks (GAN's) which use a huge database of images and combine them to make super weird images.  Even then, when the technology for image generation was relatively un-polished, I instantly became interested in the possibilities and generated over 10,000 images.

BUT NOW, it's crazy!  This year text-to-Image AI came out and I have been completely obsessed with it, and in the first month alone I generated over 5000 images.  Since then I don't know how many thousands of images I've generated with different platforms.  I have been learning about the different ways to create using these amazing tools and it's capabilities seem to expand on a daily basis. 

Below are a few of the pieces I've created that each were AI generated then customized by hand to get exactly what I wanted from the image.  Most of these are characters and some are scene settings.  Enjoy
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