Digital Art

Digital painting / Photobash of a 
City Alley scene.
created in Photoshop

This casually walking man has clearly handled the two guys on the ground, who when (and if) they awake will have to weigh which is worse:
explaining to their wives why they are late coming home 
recognizing their inability to recall where their homes are located
When Will Smiffed Chris' Rock
The cameras at the 2022 Academy awards didn't pick this up but during the ceremony a gnat or fly kept landing on the left side of Chris Rocks face.  
Will Smith, being the lovely man we have grown to know and love, approached the stage and helped Chris with this annoying pest.  What a nice guy.

Get Tony Scarboni Movie Poster

I had the opportunity to do the poster for Get Tony Scarboni, a comedy short film created her in Albuquerque.
I always wanted to to a movie poster, so this was my first chance.  Hopefully not my last.
Thank you to Spike Michaels, Bill Hawley and TimboJo Productions for letting me do this one.

Study of Star Wars concept art.  This is not an original piece I was just recreating it to get some practice
Hand with Reflecting Sphere
January 1935
Hand with Reflecting Sphere January 1935 Lithograph 31.8x21.3cm
Knotted Pencils
Knotted Pencils
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